Bruce Douglas Cobb (James Lasala)
Contributor, Vidoegrapher and Photographer

I am/was a licensed Auctioneer, Appraiser and FFL. I was voted  "Class Comedian" in middle School, "Most Adventurous" in high school and Sigma Lambda Chi Fraternity President in college,  I used to be a Dark-Room geek, am missing the same finger as Jerry Garcia  (hedge clippers age 5), recently jumped through the ceiling of Thunder-ball Grotto, still have the receipt from my first Scuba gear purchase in 1982, have a preference for dating nerdy and brilliant alumni of "The Well School" and even married one (Francesca LaSala).

I used to regularly crawl through 100s of feet of pen-stock pipe in cold and critter infested water to maintain a hydro electric dam that I believed myself to be owner of but apparently only own the liability and debt.  I have climbed Mount Monadnock in a blizzard, became a licensed Minister to officiate a friends wedding in San Francisco, lived in France for 6 months, rescued an abused dog in the middle of a sub zero night using bolt cutters to free him and I have been orphaned twice.  My professional profile on LinkedIn can be found here.