Francesca Viviana LaSala (Cobb)
Blogger, Photographer and Wise-ass

This is a personal blog but if you are interested in my career history, recommendations, board/volunteer positions and various accomplishments, please knock yourself out by visiting my Linkedin Profile here. I am a very tiny, knuckle cracking, Italian-American cluster headache survivor who is also a recovering political junky, community organizer, sleepwalker and workaholic. I speak 3 languages and am prone to paradigm shifts, sarcasm, getting mugged, being a wise ass and using expletives. I am most proud of being a mother to my abused and later handicapped dachshund for almost 15 years.  Her death left a crater in my heart.

I enjoy dark humor, disappearing with a book, weeding, hovering under water, breathing underwater, sending long winded emails and text messages that occasionally break the internet, spending hours begging insects to pose for my camera, making frustrated and menacing signs underwater in the general direction of my dive buddy, getting lost, debating, disagreeing, high humidity, being outside, learning new things and traveling with friends I met traveling.